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Winter Clothes for Dogs

Dogs are naturally equipped with fur coats, so are winter clothes really necessary for your pet? The right coats, sweaters, boots and other winter clothes for dogs can be more than just a fashion statement or stylish accessories.

Dog Begging Prevention Tips

Dogs can be cute, heart-breaking and irresistible when they whine, paw, bark or otherwise beg for a treat during dinnertime, but begging behavior isn't desirable. By understanding what begging is and isn't, dog owners don't need to feel bad about taking steps to stop their dog from begging.

Raise awareness1 Use your social media platforms to share photos and stories about adoptable pets at your local rescue organizations, or post flyers on local bulletin boards. You never know when someone might see the right pet for them at just the right moment and make the move to adopt! 2.

BDG is excited to launch the most innovative addition in our shop's history! We have stepped up our DIY dog wash game to a whole new level, and you've got to come check this out!   The installation of the Evolution Self Wash System at BDG marks the arrival of Boston's next big thing! A true all-in-one bathing system with shampoo, conditioner, and blow dry all in the same place! The Evolution Dog Wash is a self serve cash/card operated dog wash that provides our clients with a sanitary, fun, safe, and affordable way to clean their precious pups. Follow us on  Read More The Evolution Dog Wash at Brookline Dog Grooming!

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Pet Party Ideas

Our pets often become beloved family members, and it is natural to want to include them in family-oriented celebrations and parties. Unfortunately, most parties – with loud music, special foods, numerous guests and energetic entertainment – are not pet-friendly.