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BDG is excited to launch the most innovative addition in our shop's history! We have stepped up our DIY dog wash game to a whole new level, and you've got to come check this out!   The installation of the Evolution Self Wash System at BDG marks the arrival of Boston's next big thing! A true all-in-one bathing system with shampoo, conditioner, and blow dry all in the same place! The Evolution Dog Wash is a self serve cash/card operated dog wash that provides our clients with a sanitary, fun, safe, and affordable way to clean their precious pups. Follow us on  Read More The Evolution Dog Wash at Brookline Dog Grooming!

Don't leave your pets in the car in warm weather1 Ever. Not for a quick stop, not in the shade, not even with the car running and the air conditioner going. The temperature in a parked car, even with the window partly open, reaches unsafe levels very quickly.

Training With Puppy Pee Pads

Pee pads can be a great way to housebreak your puppy, but it does take patience to train a dog to use them properly. Being consistent with your pet and positively reinforcing your expectations for their behavior can help you use pads to successfully housebreak your dog indoors. Are Pee Pads Best?

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Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?

Dogs enjoys putting their mouths on just about everything. They will eat a shoe, lick the carpet, and in some cases even eat grass. It’s always a weird thing to watch as they try to wrap their mouths around individual blades, but it happens and it’s not necessarily a terrible thing.