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Mindy Lightman Dobrow founded Brookline Dog Grooming & Pet Supplies in 1974, with it’s original location on 16 pleasant st. Since it’s foundation, Mindy has ensured her store remains a pioneer in the pet supplies industry (yes, she was feeding and selling raw before it was trendy!). Mindy began this venture when she was on the hunt for a new career. A friend of hers exposed her to grooming and after holding a pair of clippers, she knew she wanted to groom for the rest of her life. The store moved to its current location on 146-148 Harvard st. in 1987 and continues to be maintained by Mindy and her staff.

An avid animal lover, Mindy has owned Tibetan Terriers, Bedlington Terriers, Standard Poodles, and Chinese Cresteds in her lifetime. She also currently has 4 fish tanks (three saltwater tanks, and one 175-gallon reef tank with seahorses), chickens, a koi fish pond, and an aviary with parakeets, canaries, and finches. Her all-time favorite companions, however, have been her Standard Poodles and Chinese Cresteds. She loves the Standard Poodles for their intelligence and the Chinese Cresteds for their comical cat-like personalities. Her favorite feature of both breeds is their lack of shedding. Mindy owns four AKC award-winning dogs (three champion Chinese Cresteds and one grand champion Standard Poodle). Her love for her store and its customers comes second only to her love for her dogs.

The best part about the job, according to Mindy, is communicating with the community and the instant gratification that comes from working with animals. Those who know Mindy know her love for what she does is palpable. With her wealth of knowledge, Mindy has frequently provided holistic remedies to issues faced by dog and cat owners. The staff, customers, and animals know that Mindy truly is the heart and soul of the business.

We were recgonized in "50 Best in Boston" magazine for our Grooming services!