Wondercide Flea & Tick Spot On for Dogs + Cats with Natural Essential Oils


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Peppermint Flea & Tick Spot On repels bugs and is an added layer of protection against fleas and ticks up to 1 month, and mosquitoes up to 1 week. Each box contains 3 tubes, a 3-month supply. One strength for cats and 3 for dogs: small (under 35 lbs), medium (35-75 lbs), large (over 75 lbs). Active issue? Spot On doesn't kill bugs. Use Flea & Tick sprays for pets, home, and yard as directed.


Wondercide is proven to work without the conventional ingredients. Our lineup of plant-powered sprays, spot ons, collars, and shampoos harness the power of nature to do the job. Lab-tested to protect your pet from fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes. Loved by people, pets, and pollinators. It’s all good.

Repels and prevents

  • Fleas
  • Ticks
  • Mosquitoes

Designed for

  • Dogs ages 3+ months
  • Cats ages 3+ months

Alternative to

  • Conventional flea-and-tick spot ons


  • Lab tested and proven to work
  • Repels fleas and ticks up to 1 month
  • Repels mosquitoes up to 1 week
  • Plant powered
  • Fresh peppermint scent
  • Made with steam-distilled natural essential oils
  • Made without artificial colors, dyes, or fragrance
  • Cruelty free
  • Safe around the whole family when used as directed
  • USA made with U.S. and global components


Read entire label prior to use and use as directed. Apply 1 tube once per month for continuous protection. Flea & Tick Spot On is water resistant, not waterproof.

  • Twist off the tip/cap of the applicator at the notch.
  • Lift or spread the fur between your pet's shoulder blades at the base of the neck until you can see skin.
  • Place the open tube on the skin and apply in a line down the back/spine to the start of the tail.
  • Allow a few minutes for the oil to spread out over the skin to prevent oil transfer onto carpets, furniture, and fabrics.
  • Apply a new tube one month later.


Made with natural essential oils. No artificial colors, dyes, or fragrances. Phenol-free. Clove-free.

Active Ingredients Percent Source
Cedarwood Oil 5.0% Texas and Virginiana Cedar Trees
Peppermint Oil 4.0% Mentha piperita

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Almond Oil


Committed to the planet. Our consciously-formulated products harness the power of nature and wherever possible, we make choices that can reduce impact on the environment, like choosing packing materials that can be recycled.

While the U.S. recycling program has a long way to go, you can make a big difference. Learn what can be recycled in your area, and whether items need to be sorted. On plastic bottles, check the bottom for a number. 1-2 are widely accepted. 4-6 may be accepted. 3 and 7 are generally not recyclable.

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